A few months ago following a conversation with a colleague of mine, I chose to enrol for the ILM7 Coaching Supervision Certificate.

‘Studying again? Really? Will you ever stop?’ was the reaction of some of my friends! No! I’m not planning to stop learning. It’s true that after my MSc in Coaching, I had whispered that I would not undertake any more ‘academic studies’. However as one of the history’s greatest diplomats, Talleyrand, said: ‘Only fools never change their mind’.

As the demand for coaching supervision grows so too does the demand for professionally trained supervisors. So… here I am, studying to become a professional coaching supervisor and I am determined to achieve this for the benefit of my clients and my own development.

Since I became a coach, I’ve always used the services of a professional coaching supervisor. This formal relationship enables me to explore my experiences and engage in reflective dialogue and cooperative learning. I believe that it has improved my practice immensely.

If, like me, you believe that the use of regular coaching supervision can stimulate your reflection and improve your level of self-awareness, why not call me?