Emotional intelligence and Mental Fitness expert inspiring her audience to nurture their performance, relationships and well-being

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Speaker Anita Sauvage Keynote Topics

Emotional intelligence: calibrate your compass

Emotional Intelligence is a skill essential to all leaders. That’s a fact. The last two years have emphasised that it is even more important nowadays, but also how tricky it can be to be emotionally astute.  Anita demonstrates how you can recalibrate your own compass to increase your self-awareness and understand and manage your emotions in this “new normal”.

Audience takeaways: 

  • Participants will discover what emotional intelligence is and why it is critical to leadership.
  • They will learn to recognise their emotions and the impact they have on their day-to-day life 
  • They will be offered tools to increase their self-awareness and help them manage these emotions 

Surfing the waves in times of change

Everyone knows that dealing with change as a leader can be very stressful. Fears, frustrations, worries can be so loud that it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Emotional intelligence is a crucial skill to allow you to confidently surf the waves of changing situations (yours and others’). Anita emphasizes the role of empathy to strengthen relationships in times of change. The keynote will show you how to develop self-empathy before empathising with others.

Audience takeaways: 

  • Participants will reflect on the cycle of change and why it’s important to be aware of the different stages
  • They learn how to put their oxygen mask before helping others
  • They will leave with emotional intelligence tools to listen, observe and manage their emotions and those of their teams.

Your mind is your best friend

Building (Positive Intelligence) Mental Fitness 

It is so easy to concentrate on what one can’t control, It’s like keeping your hand on a hot stove isn’t it? It burns, it’s sore. But what if you chose to build your brain muscles to learn how to quieten your negative thoughts and emotions and concentrate on what you can control? You can! 

Anita will show you, through simple, easy-to-use Mental Fitness tools and techniques, that you can change your perspective to enhance your well-being, your self-motivation and build better relationships with yourself and others.

Audience takeaways: 

  • Participants will find out how to notice their self-sabotage mind-chatters
  • They will learn some simple tools that will allow them to regulate their self-talks, remain calm and make decisions based on reality instead of distorted circumstances.

Finding the gifts – your journey of healing

Anita uses her own story of cancer to help audience find the gifts behind their illness and build a positive mindset. Based on her experience and expertise in Mental Fitness, Anita shows her audience (cancer patients/survivors, family, colleagues and friends) that happiness can be found in the smallest of things. A real game changer to ensure that one does not let their fears and stress define who they are and the decisions they make.

Audience takeaways: 

  • Participants will learn how to boost their self-confidence in times of adversity 
  • They will learn simple tools to enhance their well-being and positive mindset that they can instantly put to use.
  • They will look at the future from a different, more optimistic perspective.


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