Are you looking for a way of unlocking organisational and individual potential to support your company’s effort?

If your answer is yes, please contact me.

Providing business focused high quality solutions based on Human Resources / Organisational Development best practice is essential to further developing the skills of a talented workforce. As you would expect from an Organisational Development and Change consultant, I value people however I also keep the business requirements in mind whilst driving the effort towards change.

What do I bring to my consultancy?

  • My inter-personal skills, adaptability and diplomatic approach allow me to generate healthy relationships with your Senior Teams and staff
  • I will be clear and honest while contracting with you
  • I will be analytical while diagnosing, putting forward recommendations or evaluating interventions
  • I will be empathetic while dealing with staff personal challenges
  • I will be energetic while facilitating events, meetings or workshops

I specialise in:

  • Organisational change
  • Staff engagement
  • Resilience building
  • Leadership strategy
  • Talent management
  • Innovation through collaboration



Anita Sauvage & Associates
T: 0044(0)7970 819489