The world is exciting, inspiring and full of surprises. as is coaching!


Whether it is Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Expatriate Coaching or Team Coaching, you stay in charge of your development every step of the way. The intent of my coaching service is to positively impact your career as well as your life by supporting you in:

  • Becoming more self-aware,
  • Becoming more resilient,
  • Developing your leadership skills,
  • Gaining more job and life satisfaction,
  • Contributing more effectively to your organisation / teams,
  • Managing your time more successfully,
  • Taking even greater responsibility and accountability for your actions, decisions and commitments,
  • Developing cross-cultural awareness,
  • Communicating more effectively,

Although my coaching often entails an Appreciative Coaching approach, I am very flexible and will use alternative assessments, creative tools and coaching models to fit your needs.

Coaching Supervision

Are you ready to stretch, reflect and learn as a coach? If so, coaching supervision is for you!

Coaching supervision is crucial in your development as a coach in that it provides you with an opportunity to:

  • maximise your potential,
  • increase your self-awareness and self-confidence,
  • help you maintain your ethical standards, and
  • understand your clients better.

I offer individual and group coaching supervision, so if you have been thinking about trying out supervision, now is a great time to contact me.

Coaching Skills for Managers Programme

Because coaching skills such as building rapport, listening with intent, questioning and giving feedback are so vital in a management role, I offer tailor-made 1-day or 2-day Coaching Skills for Managers programmes.

I will design the programme with you to fit your context and needs.

These interactive courses are intended to enable managers to:

  • understand coaching,
  • discover how adopting a coaching approach fits with effective leadership and management, and
  • gain the practical coaching techniques to use in their day-to-day work.

Action Learning

Reg Revans (1907 – 2003) invented the expression Action Learning to reconcile the split between thinking and doing and to help us understand how human beings can work together more effectively.

Whether you aspire to establish mutual peer support for organisational or personal development and cultural shifts, to map out ways to deal with new situations and new roles or to develop collaborative approaches to issues, participating in an Action Learning Set may be the most meaningful answer to you! This alternative development approach allows participants to:

  • develop their self-reflection, self-awareness and team awareness,
  • understand the impact (good or bad) they have on others,
  • increase trust, genuine mutual respect and motivation, and
  • develop proactive keen collaboration

(all elements also attributed to Team Coaching’s benefits).

Artist Coaching

I am not an artist. I studied art when I was in France and my passion has never faded since! So when I was given the opportunity to support artists in becoming more confident I took it! No matter what stage you are at, nurturing a sense of purpose will allow you to grow.

I will support you to rise to the challenge and fulfill your creative talent.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it”

Pablo Picasso


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