Over the last year, I have been invited to speak at conferences and workshops more and more often. And I love it! I love the preparation (spending time searching for inspiration and ensuring that my speech will suit the audience). I love talking about my passion: Emotional Intelligence. I am a firm believer that, if people were more aware of (and using) their emotional talents, the world would be a better, happier place!

Speaking is about building self-confidence and a real connection with people. I often do it through telling a story that they can relate to and practicing a few tips with them. It is the interaction that counts most. No point doing a lecture in my view if people can’t stretch their way of thinking. Giving them a flavour of what they can achieve by challenging their mind, reflecting and understanding what triggers their and others’ behaviours makes me so happy. I enjoy their laugh, their silence and their questions. And when someone tells me that they have had a light-bulb moment… Well… That’s the cherry on the cake! That’s how I know that spreading the word of the benefits of being emotionally talented is worthwhile!